5 reasons you should shop small





Shop small? Shop from local small businesses, local brick and mortar businesses instead of the big box brands.

Here are some reasons why you should consider this, this holiday season, and everyday.


1.) Small businesses provide amazing customer service. You are supporting their family, their dream and most often thank you with incredible customer service and lots of love. Hugs all around.

2.) Small businesses give back to YOUR community and you are supporting your local economy. Businesses pay sales taxes to the town or city the business is located in. Yes please!

3.) Small businesses do a dance when you make a purchase. Literally. You are helping pay for new skates for my kids, dance lessons, our Christmas turkey. That’s definitely worth a little dance party. You can now imagine Aimee and Jenna’s dance party. Your welcome.

4.) It feels good to help neighbors and friends succeed. You are literally helping them achieve their dream. Again, thank you!!!

5.) You lessen the environmental impact of your services. No shipping, extra packaging or carbon fuel to ship things. Feel good about that.






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