A birth story: Faye Raya

I always say photography is like my coffee. I need it. I am not satisfied until I’ve hit the shutter a few times in a day. So if photography is my coffee, birth photography is my drug.

From the moment I get a text or a call the adrenaline starts pumping. I am usually excited and ready to go as I am on my way. Often arriving and slowing down to the labouring mother’s pace.

I photographed Danelle’s second birth, this was her third. Although it seemed all too familiar to me, she said it was very different from her other two labours. She experienced a lot of back and hip pain unlike the others. Regardless she was calm and so strong. Her support was fantastic. And when little Faye was placed in her arms I couldn’t help but have a little cry. Behind my camera of course.

I am always amazed with every birth that I photograph, the strength of women, how fortunate we are to have midwives and how amazing life, women, birth really is.

Thank you Danelle for allowing me to share these photos. You truly are a beautiful, powerful woman and I am happy to have you in my life.

Jenna xx

The wonderful midwife at this birth: Heather from Beginnings Midwifery

A few photos of the birth as well as a video of the birth story.




























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