First date revisited – Edmonton couple

Meet Lyndi and Jason, one of our wedding couples who we were fortunate enough to revisit their first date location with. Now part of the *Hobbs Photo Family (see below for what the heck that is!).

We had many cancellations due to the cold weather we had this February. We finally we able to revisit their first date locations on a brisk March morning. A modern cafe, Leva, just a block from the University and a beautiful walk to the River Valley.

This summer they will make it official! We cannot wait to document the day for them.

*Hobbs Photo Family – Once completing a session with us, you become part of the Hobbs Photo family forever!

Not only do we love you, you are added to a facebook group with exclusive deals, behind the scenes news and usually a joke or two.

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    2019 Documentary Family Awards

    Most of you know me as an Edmonton family photographer, but I haven’t talked a lot about how I got here. When I first picked up a camera, I didn’t know that documentary family photography was “a thing”. I just knew the everyday moments were hugely important. It honestly terrified me to think that I might not remember things about my kids. It still does. Not on the days they were scrubbed up and inserted into the perfect outfit for a portrait, but just the usual. The regular everyday and all that goes along with it. Feeding babies with food smeared all over the highchair, the floor and themselves. Bedtime stories with little fingers touching my cheek. The monotony of chores. The meltdowns. Oh, the meltdowns. Lazy summer days jumping off the dock and naked filthy bodies covered in dirt and popsicle drips. The craziness of getting out the door on school days and even the days clutching a barf bucket under a quilt on the couch. I’ve compiled quite a cash of photographs over the years. They are my most prized possession.

    As I immersed myself more in the photography world, I started looking for people like me. Photographers who had little interest in creating the perfectly posed, perfectly coiffed portrait. People who celebrate perfection differently….in the gritty, messy imperfect moments that life brings. I joined some communities and then was beyond excited when the Documentary Family Awards were founded. Don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean I entered anything in their first competition. It’s a juried photography competition. That is some scary shit.

    In January, submissions opened for the next competition and I went for it. Thousands of photos were submitted in six categories by photographers from 40 countries. I was elated to have one photograph place 9th in the Nothing Is Better Than Real Life category and another place 2nd in the Environmental Portrait category. And finally, my environmental portrait was awarded 3rd place in the Best Overall.

    Watching the judging was an incredible opportunity for feedback. I cannot wait for what the rest of 2019 will bring!

    xx Aimee

    Edmonton family photographer captures her son laying face down in lake
    9th Place in the “Nothing Is Better Than Real Life” category. Photo by Aimee Hobbs, Canada.
    award-winning environmental portrait by Edmonton family photographer
    2nd Place in the “Environmental Portrait” category. Photo by Aimee Hobbs, Canada.
    timeless portrait of a child sitting on a pig feeder
    3rd Place Best Overall Award. Photo by Aimee Hobbs, Canada.

    If you’re interested, you can watch the full live judging HERE 

    or you can see all the awarded photographs HERE

    You can also see our top placing images from the 3rd Documentary Family Awards photography competition in 2018 HERE

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      CLOTH – supporting small shops

      As a stay at home mom to five, advocate for supporting local small shops and photographer. I am always coming up with ways to use my time to do both. Working with small shops, often in our own backyard, has proven a way that I can stay home and work.

      For years we have worked with a loyal small shop and mama run business – CLOTH. Justine has a keen eye for classic items, colors and textures that I truly admire. We always look forward to the lovely pieces from her small shop. Justine and CLOTH are located in Connecticut, but we have plans of getting together one day, for tea and to shoot.

      Also, if you stopped in to see the newest additions to the farm, take a peek, 14 of them – Ameraucanas and Blue Cochins. They were my 34th birthday gift from my husband.

      We love working with and supporting small shops – find out WHY!

      Tell us your favorite small shops. We’d love to hear.

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