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As you may, or may not know I am taking some time off come July, to have baby number five. I LOVE taking photos for families, however I am absolutely over the moon excited to take a step back and simply focus on my family of seven. Seven! I can’t believe it. BUT before taking this time off I wanted to offer a little incentive, a deal, to take some family lifestyle photos for you guys in the months of May and June.



So, if you book a session now, for May or June with me, I am going to waive the session fee – gone. A $315 savings. You then just choose a collection of photos to keep, share and display in your home. See our lifestyle session collections here – Lifestyle Collections.


That’s not it.


I also wanted to do something else special! So I’ve teamed up with the beautiful family behind YEG Woodworks, and with any session booked, on top of the waived session fee you will receive a 1 16×24 portrait or 2 11×14 landscape professional print, framed with YEG Woodworks Magnetic Print Hanger, in your choice of colour to display in your home. I’ve provided some photos below but you can find them on Facebook, instagram and etsy!



I’d love to take your family photos before I take a leave, and I’d love for you to book now and receive this deal. Send me a message and let’s book a date.

Jenna xx









We are beyond excited to be hosting our first annual Mother’s Day Event at #thegrainshedstudio.

This space is dear to our hearts and we would love to photograph you in it with the people in your life who are dear to yours.

If you want meaningful portraits of your connection with your children or the adoration your kids have for their grandma, and the thread connecting generations, we would love for you to join us.

Click here for more information.

xx Aimee & Jenna




If you have followed our family for a while you would know we are a big fan of Red Creek Handmade. We love the quality of the clothes. When you hold it in your hands and look at the french seams and snaps, you know your holding something of quality, made with love. I love that they are durable, wash and wear pieces. I also love that they seem to fit forever because these kids grow like weeds, AND when they can be passed from one kid to the next, I’m a fan.

On another note, if you have followed our family for a while, you know we get dirty. I often get praise on letting my kids get dirty and run free, I don’t deserve that praise. To be honest, it’s easier, lazier and happier for everyone than trying to keep everyone clean. I should add, next to impossible. I have also been asked about washing/stain removal. I have been experimenting with vinegar, baking soda, water, cornstarch – most of which I have on hand and now have a collection on the shelf in the laundry room. BUT I can’t take credit, I hop on Pinterest or google and find out what works best for each particular stain and see if I have the ingredients in my pantry or home.

I recently found this ‘Zero Waste Stain Removal Chart’ (photo of the chart below) prom Paris to Go, a blog by a writer in Paris, and using it as a guide for almost everything. We’ve done blood, grass, chocolate, tea, grease, poop of many varieties, paint, and all kinds of foods. The Savon de Marseille is a hard soap that is made of vegetable oils produced in Marseille, France. I use a gentle laundry soap from our local HomeGrown Foods.

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Keep scrolling to see some photos of two of our ragamuffins, getting dirty, wearing Red Creek Kids, our favourite children’s clothing brand, handmade in Canada with carefully sourced linen.

Thanks for being here. I truly appreciate those that follow us at The Hobbs Farm and take the time to comment through my social media. I am excited for what’s to come in the future and can’t wait to share some plans that are coming soon.

Jenna xx