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This year marked our second annual Mother’s Day event and it is definitely a tradition we will be keeping up because we just love it so much!

We thought we’d share a little bit about why these sessions are so close to our hearts and share a few of our favourite images from the day.


First of all, we are moms ourselves, so we know that we tend to be the one behind the camera 90% of the time.  We’re all guilty of this.  But we also know how important it is to exist in photos.  Having meaningful images of you and your children is wonderful for you, but you’re also doing it for your children and one day, for theirs.  What a gift to be able to see how much their mama loved them and to watch themselves grow and change over time.


Edmonton mom of two at the grain shed studio near Stony Plain, AB+

On a bit of a selfish note, we really love our new digs and love sharing this space with you!  The Grain Shed Studio has been a labour of love converting a dusty, pigeon poop filled grainery into our photography studio.  There is not a single part that hasn’t been scrubbed, nailed, painted, insulated or otherwise laboured over by the two of us in some way.  We spent every spare moment last fall slipping, sliding and crawling through our lovely Alberta mud to bring our vision to life and, with a ton of help from family and friends, it’s here!!!  We absolutely love photographing in here and can’t imagine life without it.

photographing a mother and grown up daughters+


It’s no big secret that we LOVE photographing kids and motherhood.  We’re pretty passionate about letting kids be kids and seeing the beauty in those funny little moments, the connections, the in-betweens.  The place where the magic happens.  Our little ones change so fast!  Little things that are so synonymous with who our children are and our relationship with them are here one day and gone the next.  We never know when the last time will be that our little boy will insist on having his blankie with him, when our tween daughter will laugh in that sweet way with her hand over her eyes, when our toddler will snuggle into the crook of our neck and run their fingers through our hair, or when their favourite shirt they can’t live without is put aside for something new.  This was one of the reasons we both started into this crazy photography journey.  It all began capturing our own children because we don’t want to forget any of those little things because, even though they’re little, they matter.


nose picking toddler portrait+a photograph of a boy and his stuffed animal+Alanna-27+

 And finally, we love our mother’s day sessions, because we love you.  We are mamas, we understand the highs and lows.  We know about the days you sneak away to cry in the laundry room, the warmth of grubby little hands holding yours, the sleepless nights, and through it all, the enormity of your love for these incredible little beings.  You’re pretty incredible yourself.  You’re the centre of their universe, and that deserves to be documented.

xx Aimee & Jenna

grandma, mother and son in stony plain photography studio+big brother kisses baby sister+mother daughter love at edmonton area studio+adorable toddler loves his mom+loved+boy sits on mom+in mom+unique motherhood portrait+



Jenna is terrible at bragging herself up, so I am more than happy to do it for her.

In addition to being a photographer extraordinaire here at Hobbs Photography, Jen and our other sister-in-law, Shelby of Bee Natural Photography have been running a wonderful little instagram shop @HobbsGeneral selling some unique finds for the last year or so (don’t quote me on that).

In honour of Mother’s Day yesterday, they launched their online shop and have expanded their line to include beautiful ethically-made linen for your littles, and for you, too, mama.  (I have one of the smocks pictured below-left and absolutely LOVE it!)

ethically-made linen+

Of course, you can still find the beautifully styled photos of their thrift finds, which is where this whole journey began.

They both have a knack for hunting out those hidden gems and always have a treasure chest of goodies.

online thrift store+ There’s lots more – tea, incense, raising ragamuffin slouchy tees….

I’m so proud of them both and can’t wait to watch their shop grow.  Head over, say hi and have a look!

xx Aimee

Here’s all their info in one place for easy clicking:

Website:  www.hobbsgeneral.com

Instagram: @hobbsgeneral

Facebook:  Hobbs General

tea and incense+


A Mother+

When we set out to photograph our A Mother’s Beauty sessions, our hope was to empower a handful of moms and help them turn some kindness toward themselves.  Women are so good at seeing the good in others, yet we are so often terrible and seeing the strength and beauty in ourselves.

Little did we know how deeply our images of regular, everyday women loving their children and showing what, so often in our society, we’ve been conditioned to disguise and hide would resonate with women across the world.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, our images from previous sessions highlighting postpartum mothers have been receiving some attention.  We’re thrilled!  Both being mothers ourselves, it’s something we feel passionately about.  When we love ourselves more, we can love others more!

This week, we have the honour of having our images featured on The Daily Mail and The Independent!

We are just finalizing our dates for our 2017 sessions!  Sessions will be hosted one summer evening outside of Edmonton.  We would love for you to join us!

xx Aimee & Jenna

toddler snuggles mom in beautiful surroundings+

mom sets body positive image for children+

mom snuggles son during mother+