girl kisses her dad in edmonton family sessionIt’s that time of year!


If you’ve been wanting a session with us, this is our best sale EVER!

30% OFF any FAMILY SESSION from Full Day In The Life through to an hour with us in The Grain Shed Studio.

Book now for 2019.  You can pick a date now or wait until the new year to decide.

We’re all about showing you the beauty in your everyday.  In you and your people.

Documentary family sessions to keep those memories you treasure.  A day at the lake?  Exploring adventures in nature?

Ice cream at your favourite local dig?  All the little things about an average day at home?  The possibilities are as unique as you are.

Studio sessions to capture the honest beauty we all carry.  Unique portraits – pared down, made simple.


You can check out our

Family Session Portfolio & Pricing

as well as our

Studio Information & Pricing.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you so much for being here and supporting us.  It means more to us than any of you know.

xx Aimee & Jenna

a dad wipes his toddler daughter's facea kid spending some time in the pig penmany cousins touch the family babyan in home documentary session of the first day a newborn baby is homea toddler with his two moms photographed by lgbtp+ friendly Edmonton photographera mom kisses her daughter in their living room in Edmontona child pretends to be a sea monster during a docuemtnary family session at the lake


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    Last of fall, Fort Saskatchewan family session

    Have you heard about our new family sessions? A little bit of portraits and a whole lot of in between, authentic unscripted stuff.

    We truly believe it is the recipe for great family photos, where the beauty lies.

    Photos that you’ll love now and years from now.

    This is the Wride family that I was lucky enough to spend some time with in their home.

    The girls played hide and seek, snacked, wrestled with Dad and then we went leave collecting outside.

    To have your own family captured, send us an email to book.

    Jenna xx


    Find our family photo information and portfolio here.


    home school little girl edmonton

    edmonton stay at home momedmonton girl eats toastedmonton girl eats toastblack and white of little girl eating toastlittle girl laughs at tabledetails of little girls facekids snacks littel girl climbs down from wood tablekids helping themselves in kitchen ikea canadadadwashes littel girls face in edmonton bathroomplaying hide and seekplaying hide and seek with sisterlaying on moms shouldergirl dances in kitchen againfamily of four in edmonton play in living roomgirl squishes dads facekisses for dad in black and whitelittel girl plays with ikea canada kitchen and accesoriesspecial light on little girl and motherlittel girl leaves fingerprints on the windowmom puts on socks and watches out the windowmom pulls up girls pantsgirl looks out window in fort saskatchewanthe ordinary dancing in the living room with familyfamily gets ready to go outsidegirl runs in leavesgirl throws leavesfamily throws fall leaves family tickles eachother with fall leavesfamily plays outside in the fall leavesgirls kiss dad for photodad holds two girls in rubber bootsblack and white portrait edmontongirl has muddy handsphoto of mom and dad in fall leavesfamily photo in fort saskatchewanfamily on roaddad lifts child into white truck


    Family photo prices and portfolio

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      In case of a Zombie Attack

      stony plain photographer takes zombie selfie


      In case of a fire, I have a plan to save my kids first and my hard drives second.

      I couldn’t fathom the thought of losing years of photos of my children.

      Perhaps this is also second on your third, or fourth on your list. But have you thought about in the case of a Zombie Attack?

      Have you thought about how to save your photos? Well here’s your plan:



      1.) Have your photos as many locations as possible –

      on a hard drive, the USB, prints (we recommend PIX PORTAL) and order yourself some photo books.

      We are happy to help with this.

      2.) Store these photos in a save accessible location. Label them with name and loved ones contact info.

      (you’ll see why later)

      3.) Build a surviving team. Get rid of weak links and be sure everyone knows the importance of the photos.



      4.) Bring your camera. These are real life zombies, we NEED to document this!

      5.) Place photos in backpack before hiding/leaving the house …You’ll be able to run faster and carry your weapon.

      (I’ve heard a Cross Bow is the best weapon in this situation, but a gardening tool will do too.)

      6.) If driving. First check the back seat. Then buckle up.



      7.) If you are attacked, discard photos in an open area in hopes that they will be found.

      Your grand babies are going to want to see them.

      8.) If all else fails, crank Thriller, by Micheal Jackson and join them.

      You should probably go do that now anyways.



      edmonton family photographer does fun zombie self portrait




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