Edmonton Photographers Are Tired of Having Their Work Censored

twins cry while being breastfedSix years ago, we began our A Mother’s Beauty journey.  We hoped, in some small way, to make a difference in the handful of women we photographed.  To help them feel that they are enough, just as they are.  That they are worthy.  That the boundless love they express for their children could be shared with themselves.

Our first year, we volunteered local family and friends.  After that, a growing circle of mothers, in Edmonton and beyond (with applications coming in from Calgary, Whistler, Winnipeg and abroad) wanted to participated.  It became pretty clear women were ready to be heard.  Women have had enough of being told time and again that they are somehow broken and inadequate.   Social media, of course, is an extension of our society’s climate and always seems to be lagging.

We are confident this body of work is needed.  We see its value reflected in the women we photograph.  We see its value reflected in the women around the world who see themselves finally represented in media.  And we hope we will continue to see its value reflected in a different future for our children.  This morning we had the opportunity to visit CBC Radio to talk about why we began this project and the struggles of honestly photographing mothers in a way that will almost certainly result in images being removed from social media.  LISTEN HERE for the full interview.

As always, we’re thankful you’re here.

xx Aimee & Jenna

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