Postpartum Photo Essay

a newly postpartum motherhood breastfeeds her newborn while milk leaks from her breastI am photographing a year-long personal project following women’s experiences during their first month postpartum.  If you live in Edmonton or the surrounding communities and are expecting a baby (or babies!) in 2018 and are interested, please email and I can send you the full information package.

xx Aimee

Artist Statement

When I had my first child,  I felt woefully unprepared to live in this new body of mine.  The one you’re handed in a flash after almost ten months of adjusting and growing, when suddenly, you’re abruptly shoved off a cliff into a different world, complete with a soft, empty belly, rock hard leaking breasts, and otherworldly exhaustion.  I’d read the books – chapter after chapter dedicated to growing your new baby, which then switches swiftly to caring for your new baby, with only a handful of words about sitz baths and breast pads thrown in between.  A tiny handful of words to encompass your entire new self and the many changes, big and small, that embody motherhood and how we move through this fresh postpartum period.  I am embarking on a year long journey to create a visual narrative that shines a light in this neglected corner of womanhood so we can see what these first steps after birth look like along with the beauty, strength, and raw vulnerability of adjusting to life in this new skin.


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