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Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries Volume VI: Better Together > Celebrate <


I want things to be a certain way. I always have. I like towels folded in half, and half again, then each end towards the middle so they sit nice, you know what I mean right? I like the sink plug behind the tap. I had a beautiful floral headband handmade and shipped for my wedding day. I took it apart and put it back together. I’ve never told anyone that. When we decorate the Christmas tree every year I let the kids and my husband hang the ornaments as they please, then I fix them once everyone is in bed. I’m not like this in all ways, but just certain things I like a certain way.

I would definitely call myself a  – type a, introvert. I tend to excel at most things I do, probably because I don’t stop and do whatever necessary until it’s just as I want it. But as you can imagine it’s an exhausting way to live, to think, to be.

I know you’re thinking, how can I possibly have things just as I want them, a certain way, towels folded perfectly… with my four kids under five.

The truth is – I can’t!

Having four kids has forced me to let go of ‘a certain way’, to let there be a mess, to celebrate life as it is, instead of how I think it should be. I could fret over the unmade beds, the laundry and dust or I could celebrate the things that matter.

I wonder, if perhaps, I was meant to have to four kids, perhaps I was meant to have two at once. To force me out of the way I was, and into a freer, more accepting, laid back person. Now, I’m no hippie, and I still wish my house was cleaner, but I’m learning. Learning to let go.

For this I am ever so thankful. Everyday, on our little farm, we celebrate life as it is. We celebrate fresh eggs every morning and the dew on the grass. We celebrate peeing on the potty. We celebrate a successful giggle or a good burp from a baby. When a word is said correctly or manners are used.

Because the sun is shining and clothes are usually optional. We celebrate.

I am thankful I can leave my garden full of weeds to quad to the river for a swim. To breath in the fresh air in the canoe in our backyard. I will sweep the floors tomorrow because there are bikes that need to be rode and campfires that need to be had.

I used to think that things needed to be a certain way. However I’m fairly certain that they are just as they should be.

~Jenna xx

Photos by the talented: Aimee Hobbs



This is my fifth of six entries for

the Sling Diaries.

I am wearing a caramel chambray and Travis a blackcurrant chambray. Slings for this project were provided by

Sakura Bloom.

Again, I have my most amazing sister in law to thank for taking these photos.



  • 08/24/2015 - 8:20 PM

    Aaron - All of your diary posts resonate with me but this one especially was touching. I grew up in a house that was a constant waiting game of 5 more minutes to fold, vacuum, wash something … I try so hard to not do the same with my children. I don’t always succeed and hear my mother’s voice as I say “I’ll be right there.” So I stop what I’m doing and change it to “I’m here, what are we playing? ”

    Thank you for sharing, it’s always calming to know others have the same struggles.ReplyCancel

  • 11/12/2016 - 1:34 PM

    Zofia - It’s like if you were writing those words about me…! It’s so good to know someone else has the same struggles..because though I’m trying and learning all the time, sometimes it’s so hard to let go… Especially when you’re a perfectionist..!ReplyCancel

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