stuffing stockings intentionally, ethically and minimally

I wanted to do a small stocking gift guide for you for your kids… which turned into one for the mamas too!

So feel free to tag your husbands or send him the link if  you stock each others stockings.

I’m the kind of mom that stocks my kids stockings with intention and I try to minimal to suit our lifestyle.

I’m the mom that puts the needs, like toothbrushes and socks

and the quality pieces unique to each kid,

from small shops that I know they’ll love and will last.

I’ve included the link to each item below the photo, please click and go check out their webpages.



// Polka Dot Club (heirloom bear) // Indigo (This is Sadie)// The Hobbs Farm (Alphabet cards) //

All the Little Bows (bows) // CLOTH (wood animals)//

Gondola Toothbrushes (toothbrush) // Beek (linen stocking)



// Moonrise Creek (makeup) // Penny Frances Apothecary (eye butter) // Farm to Om (deconstructed smudge) //

Carvel General Store (zipper pouch) // Gondola Toothbrushes (toothbrush)

// Prairie Spirit Alpacas (socks) // Ellis Candle Co. (lavender sage candle) //

Wayward Pottery (earrings) //


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