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Welcoming Baby Ellie



I loved this story. I loved that this tiny little baby, only a week old, had so many people that cared for her. I loved that a human, a woman, went out of her way to help another woman, another human.

This is what matters, is it not?

If we can give, give. For it may be returned when we are in a time of need. Imagine the world where if everyone who had, gave. Their money, their time, their love. This is a world I want to live.

This is what inspires me. The good in people. Those striving for not themselves, but for others.

Amanda, you have a beautiful little baby Ellie, and a beautiful friend, Amy.

~Jenna xx

“Blessed are women whose hearts and souls are joined together by laughter and tears for they shall be known as sisters.” ~unknown





“Here is to good women

may we know them

may we be them

may we raise them.”








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