ABOUT your Photographers

Basically, we're a couple of free-spirited, socially awkward farm girl mamas who are convinced all this everyday ordinary stuff is pretty important, so we make a lot of pictures of it. Do we go nuts for beautiful light? - OF COURSE WE DO! But mostly, we haul our cameras around constantly to document those little moments that, when all strung together, make up the stories we carry in our hearts about ourselves and the people we hold the closest.


I CANNOT STAND having my fingernails touched. Blech...huge shudder just thinking about it. Thank you Uncle Jay for not only cementing this weird phobia, but teaching my three little brothers about it.

My house has a no setting off firecrackers inside rule and a no hiding down the outhouse hole rule. I did not make either of these up just because I was bored and felt like making some random rules.

I'm a GRANDMA!!! It's just as amazing as it sounds and I recommend it.


I grew up in town but I'm raising my kids in the country. I feel like I am experiencing childhood again with them through bale jumping, egg collecting, potato digging and being barefoot 99% of the time.

I LOVE the smell of coffee and I still try to drink it every once in awhile but always end up sick.

I NEVER imagined I'd be mom to five kids. I think this often, like when I look at them with joy, and when I've locked myself in the pantry for a few minutes of silence.

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