Christmas Card

It’s Christmas card time!

We are going to open up the studio NOVEMBER 9th and 23rd for you to get a WHOLE FAMILY PORTRAIT for your 2019 CHRISTMAS CARD, to print and send to family this year, or to just have!

It’s only $150. One family photo. What!?!!? We NEVER do this. We know.

Email to book. We are leaving this here for you first! We’ll share with public tomorrow.

Jenna and Aimee xo

Come join us to help create your Christmas cards this year, or just to get a family portrait.

Aimee and Jenna xo

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    Easy DIY costumes

    We recently had an amazingly fun project to create FIVE ✋ easy DIY costumes with Oeuf NYC, a beautiful brand of children’s clothes. Inspired by my mom making our costumes when we were kids! We created a garden gnome, butterfly, vintage clown, skunk and snail! Check out the video below on HOW I created the easy DIY costumes! Thank you Oeuf for trusting my ideas, Megan from Made by Megan, for helping me with the poms and in addition, thank you Chasing Windmill kids for the striped thermals that really bring them together. Visit us on FACEBOOK or instagram and tell us your favorite easy DIY costume.

    Scroll down to see more photos or visit our webpage if you are interested in family photo information.

    TIPS FOR DIY Costumes

    • Use costumes you have already. I dig out the Halloween box of costumes and we try to put together a costume from there. I don’t like buying new and if we do, we buy from the thrift store. A philosophy for our regular clothes as well.
    • Use items from their/your closet. Be inspired by items, colours, that they/you already have in your closet! I bet there are a few gems. You’ll be helping the environment and saving money.
    • Make it. Costumes usually only have to last one day! Use what you have around the house. I used paper for the snail costume! It probably won’t hold up until next year but we’ll recycle the paper when we are done with it.
    • Above all, HAVE FUN! This is suppose to be a fun holiday. Do it with your kids, be creative and come up with some great costumes. In addition, I bet you’ll make some great memories too.

    What was your favorite costume when you were a kid?

    I can remember being all sorts of things – a witch, a 50’s girl with a poodle skirt, a bride. However, my absolute favorite costume was a mermaid when I was 6 years old. It works for dressing up at school with those sea shells for a top, however in our Canadian winters we need a little more for the trick or treating portion of the day! The trick to costumes is for them to be both school/indoor friendly as well as trick or treating in -20 temperatures friendly! What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween this year?

    Thank you so much for visiting, reading and watching. Send us an email with any questions, collaborations or questions.

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      Family Pictures to be exhibited in Luxembourg

      Edmonton Family Photographer | Hobbs Photography

      I don’t think it’s a secret that we love creating family pictures. It’s how we got our start and we’ve continually explored different ways of making art based around family life. Back in March, Jenna entered some of her work in the Luxembourg Art Prize. Months later, she received news that she had been chosen as one of 11 finalists from around the world. The clock is now ticking and we leave NEXT WEEK to see her work displayed in the Pinacotheque.

      Two of Jenna’s family pictures have been selected to be exhibited in the private museum alongside the other finalists.

      family picture of four year old hugging a donkey

      “Best Friends”

      Much of Jenna’s personal work centers around her life with her five children on their family farm west of Edmonton. Creating a visual diary of her family’s life is an integral part of her day alongside parenting and doing the chores. One of the family pictures that has been chosen comes from that as one of her children hugs the farm’s gentle giant, their mammoth donkey Kiwi.

      This photograph is a purely candid moment of a four year old that adores the family donkey.

      The second photograph that is waiting for us in Luxembourg was created with an entirely different approach. Inspired by Merle Haggard’s song “Mama Tried”, Jenna created this conceptual self-portrait inspired by real-life moments.

      I’ve heard multiple people ask Jenna how she made this picture and specifically how she got the baby to cry. (Do you think she pinched him? lol) When all the kids are feeling cooperative-ish, which is a feat itself, they are each given a job for the picture. In this instance, Jen’s camera is set up on a tripod, she hit the button and had ten seconds to do a mad dash and get into her spot. Each kid gets a treat for their effort. Monty, the baby, wanted his treat when all babies want their treat…right now. When he had to wait, he burst into tears. It was unplanned, but the timing was perfect. A different kind of family picture, but with the same feeling.

      This picture is part of an ongoing self-portrait series Jenna is working on. You can see more of her ‘Mama Tried’ series HERE.

      “Mama Tried”

      black and white conceptual self-portrait of Edmonton family photographer Jenna Hobbs

      We were on Global News yesterday chatting a little bit about Jenna’s entries in the Luxembourg Art Prize and just about our approach to family photography in general. You can see the full segment below.

      I couldn’t be more proud of her and can’t wait to be in Luxembourg cheering her on! Thank you so much to everyone for the huge outpouring of support and words of encouragement. We will be sharing our shenanigans in our Instagram Stories and would love for you all to follow along. Here’s our INSTAGRAM so you can join us.

      We’re happy you’re here! If you think we would be a good fit for your family pictures, you can email us a We also love photographing families and birth. You can have a look at our portfolios HERE.

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