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Do you know what I love? Enjoying a hot tea watching big fluffy snowflakes fall to the ground. Notice how I said – hot. The trick to that is to keep my kids busy while I enjoy that bit of bliss. I’m always giving them activities to do to make it happen.

I was trying to save this for during the week, but it just sort of happened on Sunday while the big girls were out, the baby was asleep and the twins needed something to do. We made Moon Sand.

Moon Sand
Mix 8 cups white flour to 1 cup baby oil.

We started out that way but ended up dumping the rest of the bag of flour and the whole bottle of baby oil and it seemed like that 8:1 ratio anyways.

They LOVED it. Played for almost three hours! The mess wasn’t too bad to clean up. I just swept from table back into the container and put the lid on. Ready for another day.

Enjoy that hot tea mamas and let them get a bit dirty.




This is September. At the Hobbs Farm.

The pretty, but the everyday parts. The photos are not perfect. But that’s not the point.

I had a this thought, back when I was working more, that when baby came, and we slowed down, I’d journal/blog and share each month. I’d call it Raising Five Ragamuffins.

So, here it is.

This September we started homeschooling. I feel like I should have a concrete reason why, an incredible reason why. Or even a confident reason why.  We tried to come up with a philosophy statement. Something of which to base each day on. The best I came up with was a series of words. Discover. Guide. Family. Slow. Intention. Fun. Enjoy. Explore. Learn. Probably about a dozen more. Halle created a title page for her notebook using these words. I struggled to put the reason into a string of words, a sentence. However, I do know the why in my heart. The heart doesn’t need words. Neither do photos.

We dove in at the beginning of September and are loving it so far. Halle is doing an LA and Math curriculum, interest based science and social, among many other things. We have baking and field trip days with Nana and piano lessons with grandma. Halle makes our grocery lists and orders them online (not without a final check by mom to remove things like cotton candy ice-cream). We aim to do activities like this whenever possible. I think our biggest struggle so far has been planning to do too much. October has goals of less is more. Hannah does a letter a week and lots of crafts, often the twins joining in. It can sound like a piece of cake but we are not without the struggles. We’ve already had the amazing days I was told we would have and already had the bad days I was also told we would have. I feel like ‘homeschooling mom guilt’ takes ‘mom guilt’ to a whole new level. You know, those days where you wonder what the heck you were thinking, wondering how many grades behind this is going to put your child. That you are ruining them… But then, they learn something, the light bulb is on and you pat yourself on the back, fist pump the air and wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. Ups and downs. Such is life.

Baby Monty turned two months, September 20th. He really is a good baby. Perhaps because he needs to be. Perhaps because he is. He’s sleeping well. He’s been with me to three weddings since birth, two this September. If you can take a baby to work, you know you have a good baby. All four started dance class and LOVE it. Watching Beau and Thea in general is entertainment. Watching them in dance class is priceless. Just priceless. If you are having a bad day, call me up and come out and watch them. Instant smile.

Second cut off the field was a good one and Travis turned 33. He of course said he wanted nothing for his birthday, but got different versions of meat and a book about it. We finished a small project in the front entrance and feel like we have a million more. Always something. The days I dwell on all that needs to be done are the hard days. I’ve been doing a lot of intentional thinking, reminding myself of what is important. Because it’s these thoughts, that puts the extras, the undone jobs, the chaos and mess as just a blur, or in the background. I try to keep the thoughts of my kid’s childhood, that they only get one chance at it in the foreground. That this is our life, right now. Not when we have more money, not when the kids get bigger. This is it. It is what we make of it and we’ve been trying to make the best of it.






kid friendly sessions+The long awaited day – family photos are here!  You’re excited!  And a little anxious if we’re being honest.  You have a vision of how your want your session to go, but of course, you also have children and children can be unpredictable little creatures.  We have photographed A LOT of families in Edmonton and the surrounding area and we also happen to have kids ourselves, so here are our top five tips to prep your kids for family photos and to (hopefully) avoid going into beast mode.

1.   Pick the Right Photographer

There is an endless of list of photographers and photography styles out there.  When you’re choosing a photographer, take the time to look through their portfolio and make sure their style of photography really appeals to you.  The artwork they’re creating is something you will have forever and you should love it.  So, if you know you want the posed smile and say cheese photo where each member of the family is dressed and positioned just so and then photoshopped to perfection, don’t pick a photographer whose portfolio is full of movement and interaction or an incredible wedding photographer whose portfolio is void of children.  So, think about what you want….the beautiful everyday moments of a Day In The Life Session to capture your family as it now before all the little things change, an adventurous and free-spirited Lifestyle Family Session playing in your home, throwing stones in the river, or running through a golden meadow, or a series of classic portraits.

2.  Know Your Kids

Kids…they’re all different, aren’t they.  Of course, what you, the parent, wants is important, but you know your kids and need to think about their personalities and what photographic style is going to work for them.  Both of us have kids that are wild little humans and for our family, the perfectly posed studio session is the stuff that tears and disappointment are made of.  If your kids are happiest and the most themselves at home entrenched in your daily routine in their usual clothes (or favourite superhero outfit or princess dress), then that might be the best bet for an enjoyable experience for everyone.  The same thing goes for if they’re little posers by nature or love to go running wild.  If you consider what’s going to suit them best, family photos can be a tradition they look forward to each year.

3.  HALT

I learned this term at a parenting workshop I attended last year and it applies not only to all children, but, really to all humans and if these four things are out of whack, the tempers and tears are going to be on the loose.


So, regardless of the type of photo session you’ve decided on, make sure everyone is well fed, has gotten a good sleep the night before and naps for the little ones have been fit in.  Things that seem trivial to an adult can be a huge deal to a child…if they desperately want to bring their favourite stuffy along, it’s no big deal and not worth the potential meltdown over it being left behind (in fact we LOVE when special things come along).  Meltdown land…nobody likes meltdown land.  Minimizing the risk of an epic crash also ties back to session planning.  The most beautiful “golden hour” light happens in the hour and a half before sunset (or after sunrise, but we rarely get any takers on that end).  In our area, that means in the summer months that gorgeous light is happening anywhere from 8:30 – 10:00pm.  If your kids religiously go to bed at 7:30, their little internal night light is going to come on and the meltdown is likely to begin.  Happy kids are waaaay better than perfect light and there are other options to do photos during the daytime to keep the angries at bay.  That said, if you desperately want that golden light, then think more toward winter, spring, or fall when sunset is earlier in the day or if you have early risers, the morning hours are always an option, too.

4.  Parents – It’s not just the kids

Kids are incredibly sensitive and are great barometers of their parents’ mood.  Trying to get everyone ready and to any kind of appointment on time should be some kind of Olympic sport and stress levels are prone to climb.  Try to plan ahead to avoid the panicked rush out the door, keep calm and carry on.  Generally, photo sessions with us result in a certain amount of dirtiness and freedom as it’s such an inherent part of fun, but if you’re going with a different style and immaculate outfits are important to you, bring a spare – Barking at kids over a snack stain on their shirt isn’t going to help the situation.  During the session, of course, if they’re hurting their siblings or whatever, parent as usual, but if they’re doing something that seems a little chaotic or not perfectly following direction, that’s okay.   Any experienced family photographer is more than equipped to cope and often direction (for our style of photography) is meant as a suggestion anyway.

5.  No Big Thing

Don’t build your family photos up to be a huge deal.  When kids feel pressure mounting to ‘be good’ and ‘listen to the photographer’ and ‘don’t yet your nice outfit dirty’ it’s a recipe for disaster.  For my own family photos a couple weeks ago, I didn’t even tell the kids a photographer was coming for family photos.  I just said my friend was coming over to practice taking some pictures for the day and to carry on as usual.  They knew someone was coming, presumably with a camera to hang out, but it was no big thing.

6.  Throw Your Expectations Out the Window

Just relax and be in the moment loving your kids and enjoying the experience with your family.  If the plan was photos in the meadow but your kids have discovered an irresistible puddle and are happily throwing stones, let them.  If you desperately want your two-year old to wear a headband/hat/bowtie/heck I’ll even throw shoes in there, you’ve been practicing, and on photo day they’ve developed a sudden and absolute aversion to this particular item – take a breath, mourn the loss of the imagined photograph with said headband/hat/bowtie/etc and just let it go.


Okay, so that was six, but hopefully you find that helpful to prep your whole family for a fantastic family photo experience.   Kids are kids, they’re going to freak out now and again, that’s part of who they are…it will change before you know it.  If you think a Day in the Life or beautiful Lifestyle Family session with us would be the perfect fit for your family, we’d love to hear from you!

xx Aimee & Jenna

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