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We’re Edmonton birth photographers and we llllllove capturing birth stories.

As parents ourselves, witnessing a baby’s entrance into the world

makes our heart sing.

Session fee: $700

(This can be sent by email at the time of booking. This covers our time on call and photography of your birth.)


Collection 1 / Fancy Pants / A complete online gallery of high-resolution digital images with print release AND a short multimedia film. / $1850

Collection 2/ Happy Camper / A complete online gallery of high-resolution digital images with print release AND a professionally designed photo album displaying the photos. / $1850

Collection 3 / Social Butterfly / A complete online gallery of high-resolution digital images with print release. / $1250

Collection 4 / Plain Jane/ An online gallery of twenty of the best high-resolution digital images with print release. / $950


All prices are subject to 5% GST.

If you’re looking for someone to capture your birth story, we’d love to meet you and chat. Contact us to set a date.

Edmonton Birth Photographers | Birth Stories

We’re happy you’re here!  You can see a complete birth story HERE!

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Did you know….?

We are an award-winning Edmonton birth photographer!  SEE OUR AWARD-WINNING BIRTH PHOTOGRAPH

Just a fun fact. We’re both parents ourselves and between us, we have given birth quite a few ways…in hospital and at home. Cesarean and vaginal. With doctors, with midwives and unassisted. Standing, lying, and in water. We’ve had natural labour and labour augmentation. Singletons and multiples. With epidurals and without. In nine years, between us, there have been seven babies. Two of Aimee’s and five of Jenna’s.

We welcome all birth stories – LGBTQI2+, surrogacy, adoption and beyond

 5 Birth Photography Myths

With all these years photographing births under our belt, we’ve encountered a lot of misconceptions about what it’s all about.  Some things pop up more often than others and we thought we’d talk a little bit about some of the most common myths about birth photography we see.

We will pose or interfere

Definitely not!  We are documentary photographers meaning our role as your birth photographer is to document your birth story as it unfolds.  We do ZERO posing and don’t ask anything of you.  We work mindfully to respect the working space of other birth professionals to honestly tell your story. 

Birth photography is super graphic

It certainly can be.  For some of our families, that can be a really important and healing aspect of their birth story that they want to have captured.  But that doesn’t have to be your experience.  It’s your story and it’s for you.  If you don’t want an entire crowning sequence photographed that’s completely fine.  Birth photography is about so much more than about the physical act of your baby passing from the womb to earthside.  It’s about telling one of the most powerful stories of your life.

My birth will be all over the internet

This is different for every photographer and something you should definitely clarify and having in writing.  For us, the ball is in your court.  We do love being able to share images we make both of our portfolio but also simply to normalize birth in a culture where it’s been kept hidden away for so long.  Some of our birth families are good with us sharing anything we like.  Some families are happy to share non-graphic photographs (no visible nipple or vagina) at our discretion and other photographs with written consent.  And some families choose to keep all their birth photographs completely private.  The choice is yours.

It will be awkward having a stranger at our birth

When we become your birth photographer, we become part of your birth team.  It is important for us to meet all of our birth families prior to labour so we are a familiar face when we arrive.  It has surprised us how often the labouring person has looked at us after the baby has arrived and asked if we’ve made it in time only to find out we’ve been there for hours.  If you’re having a birth with a midwife or doula, we will be there throughout with them.  If you’re having a birth with a doctor or OB, we will be a continuous reassuring presence while doctors and nursing staff come and go.  

My partner/mom/friend can take photos with their “good” camera or iPhone

You’re right.  They can.  Which one do you want to NOT be in your photographs because it will have to be one of them?  Being able to capture the flood of emotions on a parent’s face as their child is born, or the tears of joy as your parent becomes “Grandma” for the first time, or as your best friend watches you become a parent is such an honour to us.  We can tell you firsthand that when you’re the one behind the camera, it’s a very different experience than just being there in the moment.  Birth conditions can change fast.  We’ve heard tearful stories from many families of missed or ruined moments.  It’s important to have the equipment and skillset to adapt and make those photographs no matter what happens at a moment’s notice.

Photographing postpartum life is important to us.  Visit our PERSONAL PROJECTS to see what we’re working on.

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