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best edmonton photographer makes portrait of indigenous mother holding her son

A Mother’s Beauty, 2021 (click here – trust us, you want to)

As Edmonton motherhood photographers, We are PASSIONATE about photographing mothers. Why? Very often, it is us mamas who tend to be behind the camera. I love perusing families’ pictures around their homes and I notice that photographs that include mom tend to be in short supply if there are any at all.


We are at the centre of our children’s lives. We will be part of so many of their memories, both big and small. We are also our own worst critics, so in addition to being the family picture takers, we avoid the camera because we don’t have makeup on, we’re ten pounds heavier than we prefer, or we have wrinkles and a double chin when we laugh or a plethora of other reasons. But, I’ll tell you something. Since my kids have been born, I have lost my grandmothers. Both of them. We also lost my mother-in-law to cancer. Every photograph of them, I treasure. Because I see them and I’m taken back. To seeing them hold my children for the first time. My mother-in-law telling their favourite Tom Thumb stories with them cuddled in her lap. We sit together looking through our photo books that live on our coffee table and talk and laugh and they’re there with us for those moments.

Moms, exist in photos. Not just for you, for them.

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