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Raising Five Ragamuffins – September

This is September. At the Hobbs Farm.

The pretty, but the everyday parts. The photos are not perfect. But that’s not the point.

I had a this thought, back when I was working more, that when baby came, and we slowed down, I’d journal/blog and share each month. I’d call it Raising Five Ragamuffins.

So, here it is.

This September we started homeschooling. I feel like I should have a concrete reason why, an incredible reason why. Or even a confident reason why. ¬†We tried to come up with a philosophy statement. Something of which to base each day on. The best I came up with was a series of words. Discover. Guide. Family. Slow. Intention. Fun. Enjoy. Explore. Learn. Probably about a dozen more. Halle created a title page for her notebook using these words. I struggled to put the reason into a string of words, a sentence. However, I do know the why in my heart. The heart doesn’t need words. Neither do photos.

We dove in at the beginning of September and are loving it so far. Halle is doing an LA and Math curriculum, interest based science and social, among many other things. We have baking and field trip days with Nana and piano lessons with grandma. Halle makes our grocery lists and orders them online (not without a final check by mom to remove things like cotton candy ice-cream). We aim to do activities like this whenever possible. I think our biggest struggle so far has been planning to do too much. October has goals of less is more. Hannah does a letter a week and lots of crafts, often the twins joining in. It can sound like a piece of cake but we are not without the struggles. We’ve already had the amazing days I was told we would have and already had the bad days I was also told we would have. I feel like ‘homeschooling mom guilt’ takes ‘mom guilt’ to a whole new level. You know, those days where you wonder what the heck you were thinking, wondering how many grades behind this is going to put your child. That you are ruining them… But then, they learn something, the light bulb is on and you pat yourself on the back, fist pump the air and wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. Ups and downs. Such is life.

Baby Monty turned two months, September 20th. He really is a good baby. Perhaps because he needs to be. Perhaps because he is. He’s sleeping well. He’s been with me to three weddings since birth, two this September. If you can take a baby to work, you know you have a good baby. All four started dance class and LOVE it. Watching Beau and Thea in general is entertainment. Watching them in dance class is priceless. Just priceless. If you are having a bad day, call me up and come out and watch them. Instant smile.

Second cut off the field was a good one and Travis turned 33. He of course said he wanted nothing for his birthday, but got different versions of meat and a book about it. We finished a small project in the front entrance and feel like we have a million more. Always something. The days I dwell on all that needs to be done are the hard days. I’ve been doing a lot of intentional thinking, reminding myself of what is important. Because it’s these thoughts, that puts the extras, the undone jobs, the chaos and mess as just a blur, or in the background. I try to keep the thoughts of my kid’s childhood, that they only get one chance at it in the foreground. That this is our life, right now. Not when we have more money, not when the kids get bigger. This is it. It is what we make of it and we’ve been trying to make the best of it.





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