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I love photographing my everyday, so DIY Photography, I’m not going to lie, kind of scares me! I had a client once send me photos they took of their newborn baby with a crochet turtle outfit and well, I cringed. Thank goodness they did too and hired me. Now I am all for DIY mamas, so I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks for capturing some everyday images of your kids to preserve those memories in-between your photo sessions with us!

You don’t need a ‘big fancy camera’.

Most of my everyday images I capture with my iPhone 5S. Of course, I take my DSLR most places and love to capture video and images of my kids with it, but for everyday images, I love my iPhone. I then edit the photos on my phone in


and often post them to


kind of like a virtual family album.

black and white iphone photo of child jumping between round bales on family farm


iphone photograph by award winning Edmonton family photographer of toddler in the bath

5d Mark ii 24mm ISO 200 f 2.8 1/160 sec

detail photograph of baby toes captured with iphone


Find good light.

Great photographers are also know as light chasers, light readers, light lovers… we know and love light! What you can do is stay away from a mix of harsh sunlight and shadows. Try full shade or a cloudy day is great and easy way to manage light. Rooms in your house with big windows with lots of natural light are great and will help you avoid using the flash on your camera.

twin babies nap on vintage quilt in photograph with iphone captured by Edmonton family photographer


free range kids go wild on play structure during an Alberta summer

5d Mark ii 85mm ISO 400 f 2.2 1/2500 sec

a kid takes a bath in the farmhouse sink creating a beautiful black and white environmental portrait

5d Mark ii 24mm ISO 500 f 2.5 1/250 sec

Wait for the moments. 

Does it feel like you can never get everyone looking at the camera, let alone smiling? That’s okay! Sometimes it’s best when your children aren’t aware that your camera is out. Let them play, wait for the moment and click. What do I mean by moment? A victory smile after a pee on the potty, snuggling up with a favourite teddy, reading their little brother a story. These moments are personal to you and will make a much better photo than when everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. I promise.

documentary family photograph of twins in their stroller

5d Mark ii 50mm ISO 200 f 1.8 1/500 sec

breastfeeding self portrait captured with iphone


free range children run down the path between the fireweed during a Canadian summer in Parkland County

5d Mark ii 85mm ISO 320 f 2.5 1/1250 sec


You’ve probably heard it before. Get low, get down to their level. With my five-year-old, I like to have a conversation and get her thinking or laughing then I snap some in-between moments. My two-year old I have to wait and anticipate as she is always on the move. Remember to get close and capture the details. I am a sucker for details, I love dirty summer feet, chubby toddler fingers or round baby tummies. Try different angles, over a shoulder, a reflection or I love a bird’s eye view – you’ll see it a lot in my Instagram posts.

sisters play around in the long grass outside their Edmonton home

5d Mark ii 24mm ISO 160 f 2.0 1/640 sec

little toes peek out from under a quilt during documentary family session by Edmonton photographer


little girl leans over the side of the bathtub during family photography session

5d Mark ii 24mm ISO 400 f 3.5 1/200 sec

Print your photos.

It’s really nice to take photos and share them on social media with our friends and family, however, there is something authentic, and nice about a tangible photo in our hands. I make prints, display them in my home and put them away for when my kids grow up. I print my iPhone photos in an album at the end of each year. These are my favourite. I love seeing our everyday photos and how my kids have changed. I have used very affordable companies like

Blurb and Chatbooks

for Instagram books.

I have also tried and liked are

Pikto, Artifact Uprising and Photobook Canada

for larger family albums.

farm kids play in a huge puddle during Alberta spring near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


child paddles in the front seat of the canoe on a small Albert lake

5d Mark ii 24mm ISO 100 f 2.2 1/2000 sec

authentic portrait of a young child during documentary family photography session by Edmonton photographer5d Mark ii 85mm ISO 320 f 2.5 1/1000 sec

Hire us. 

We want you to take everyday images. We want you to do it yourself. We want you to print them. However once a year you should let us, the professionals, do what we do best. We have attention to detail and an eye for turning your family moments into art. You will be in the images! That is important! The images are from quality equipment, a trained eye and will be slightly retouched and polished. You are investing in memories preserved but also in art for your home.

black and white detail picture of a child's hands

5d Mark ii 50mm ISO 160 f 2.8 1/200 sec

fun portrait of mother and daughter splashing in the river during documentary family photo session outside Edmonton

5d Mark ii 50mm ISO 320 f 2.2 1/2500 sec

iphone photo of free range children playing on a huge dirt hill in Parkland County, Alberta


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