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a beautiful woman of colour and her son laugh during Edmonton photo sessions celebrating postpartum bodies

Each and every year without fail, when we share the pictures of the brave mothers who trust us with themselves and their words, we face backlash. This year, with the incredible work done by the humans behind the Empowered Birth Project account on Instagram, we were so, so hopeful this might be the year. The year where social media accepts that women are more than sexual objects, that a bare bummed two year old in his mother’s arms is not pornographic content, and that being a mother isn’t so horrifying to the “community guidelines”.

This year was not that year. Once again, we had multiple pictures removed from our Instagram feed and our stories, had hands slapped with warnings and threats to have our account disabled or deleted and have just finished a three day Facebook ban on both our business and personal accounts. This is all a pretty tough pill to swallow when social media flaunts endless accounts focusing on the hypersexualization, objectification and degradation of women. A platform, run by men, where a close up of a female’s thong crammed ass is a-ok, but a confident woman in her “granny panties” is not.

So, we will say a big ol’ fuck you Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for showing us we’re on the right track and have much, much more work to do. Maybe you can surprise us and get your shit together for this time next year, but if not, we look forward to knowing we’re still doing our best to make a difference. And we are. A difference in the lives of the women who participate. A difference in the women around the world who see themselves in these mothers we photograph. And perhaps most importantly (and hopefully), a difference for our children.  We have no plans of stopping. So Edmonton and area moms, if you want to be part of this difference, follow along on our social media or here in the spring for information about how to be part of our movement.

We can’t wait to photograph another amazing group of women for A Mother’s Beauty 2019.


If you’ve read this far, we would LOVE for you to show these incredible women your support. You can read their stories in the full length post by clicking HERE.

Much love,  Aimee & Jenna xx


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