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Top nine best photographs from Edmonton photographers' yearYou can see your Top Nine images from the year on Instagram and I really love it.  It’s interesting, as a photographer, to see an entire year’s worth of sharing condensed down to what our followers loved the most.  So here are our Top Nine of 2018.  The thing that strikes me the most when I look at this little grid is, first of all, that every single one of these images is from personal projects.  And secondly, our followers really dig motherhood. 

Both Jenna and I have always shot a lot personally.  After all, that’s how we got our start.  We get asked often by various humans how to improve their photography.  First and foremost…shoot a lot.  Practice really does make for improvement.  Both of us went for a period of years where we shot every single day.  Now with both of my kids in school full time, it doesn’t happen every single day anymore.  It has been really fun – and challenging – to branch out into other personal projects.  Over 2018, we made fitting in personal work a priority and it’s been amazing and something we’re super excited to continue through this year. 

For 2019, we both plan to continue shooting our ragamuffins, just as we always have.  We will also be carrying on our long term personal projects from 2018.  I’m photographing women’s experiences during their first six weeks postpartum.  (You can see two photographs from this project in our top nine grid – top left and middle left).  If you’re expecting and would like to participate please shoot me an email!  Jen is photographing a family’s journey as their young son battles cancer. 

In addition to this, we had a meeting last week and have set our date for A Mother’s Beauty 2019!  This is our longest running personal project to date and we look forward to it each and every year because we’re both with all of you on this one, we really dig motherhood.  We won’t be releasing the date until spring, but if you’re interested in joining us this year, definitely stay tuned.  The day we open applications will be shared here on our blog as well as on both Facebook and Instagram.  We can’t imagine our summers without having this on our calendar.  It’s no surprise to see that six of our top nine favourite images are from this project. We’ve always said we will never stop shooting this.  I have a picture in my head, clear as a bell, of the two of us in our eighties doing this work.  

And finally, we are also continuing our mentorship with Kirsten Lewis, who is an incredible documentary family photographer, and just generally great human being.  We know it will be another challenging year, but being pushed out of our comfort zones is so inspiring.  In addition to monthly assignments, we also will be working on some projects for this, participating in roundtable discussions and listening to interviews.  We’re excited to see how we grow and change!  Our calendar is also filling up with incredible families, wedding couples and births.  We’re both really looking forward to taking the skills we’ve already learned from our mentorship last year and any new ones we figure out and upping our game across the board.  I don’t want to give away all our goals because it’s quite the list, but it’s going to be GREAT!  If any of you would like to work with us this year, we would love to chat!

xx Aimee

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Many images from our A MOTHER’S BEAUTY series are here.  While this series has resonated on a very personal level for so many women, unfortunately, we have seen how far we still have to go.  Each year as we share these images, we have photographs removed from social media.  We discuss our frustrations in our article about WHERE SOCIAL MEDIA FAILS.

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