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stony plain photographer takes zombie selfie

There’s a zombie attack!

In case of a fire, I have a plan to save my kids first and my hard drives second.

I couldn’t fathom the thought of losing years of photos of my children.

Perhaps this is also second on your third, or fourth on your list. But have you thought about in the case of a Zombie Attack?

Have you thought about how to save your photos? Well here’s your plan:



1.) Have your photos as many locations as possible just in case the walking day show up.-

On a hard drive, the USB, prints (we recommend PIX PORTAL) and order yourself some photo books.

We are happy to help with this.

2.) Store these photos in a save accessible location. Label them with name and loved ones contact info.

(you’ll see why later)

3.) Build a surviving team. Get rid of weak links and be sure everyone knows the importance of the photos.



4.) Bring your camera. These are real-life zombies, we NEED to document this!

5.) Place photos in a backpack before hiding/leaving the house …You’ll be able to run faster and carry your weapon.

(I’ve heard a Cross Bow is the best weapon in this situation, but a gardening tool will do too.)

6.) If driving. First, check the back seat. Then buckle up.


7.) If you are attacked by zombies, discard photos in an open area in hopes that they will be found.

Your grandbabies are going to want to see them.

8.) If all else fails, crank Thriller, by Micheal Jackson and join them.

You should probably go do that now anyway.

edmonton family photographer does fun zombie self portrait

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