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Self-portraits. One of the hardest things a photographer can do is turn the camera around and take a photo of themselves.

Currently part of a year long mentorship with Kirsten Lewis, for the month of January, we dove into us, who we are, outside of being photographers. It involved asking friends and family about who we were. It involved journal prompts and photographing ourselves with many trial and errors. Overall we came up with two uniquely different self portraits. See below for the story behind my self portrait. I’ll let Aimee share hers.

I have heard people talk about losing your identity once you become a mom. And to be honest, I probably have. I’m so far into this mothering gig that I don’t know who I am. But have I really lost my identity? Or have a transformed and adapted to the tasks, life and person I am now? Most words that describe me, describe how I mother my children, make decisions, that are usually based on or around them. Do I love that? No. Am I going to embrace it? Yes. For now, I am a busy, stay at home mother to five beautiful children. The responsibly is great and the laundry is piled high, but I’m going to make the most of it. I want to spend my days loving on these limbs and being creative while doing it.

creative edmonton mother does laundry with her kids for self portrait

I challenge you to create a self portrait with your DSLR or iphone. It can feel foreign or uncomfortable at first, but play around with it. See a recent instagram post for a step by step guide to taking a self portrait.

Good Hearted Woman tee from:

creative edmonton mom laying in rainbow of laundry with kids for self portrait

Check out Aimee’s Self-Portrait HERE

Hunting around for self-portrait inspiration was such a fun exercise. It’s always fantastic to see new bodies of work we may never have come across. One of our favourites was the uber-talented Alex Stoddard. You can SEE HIS WORK HERE.

It’s always fun to have a look back! Have a look at our TOP NINE photographs according to Instagram from 2018.

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